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The Bungo province in Kyushu produced such excellent swordsmiths as Yukihira in the Koto times. The Bungo Takada school was founded by Tomoyuki in the Nanbokucho period. Tomoyuki is considered to have been a superior swordsmith. With the passage of time it is generaly felt that the qualty and style declined and by the Muromachi period all of the works were pretty much the same. Members of this school are also known as Fuijwara Takada because they used Fujiwara as a family name in their signatures.
There are different schools of thought on the quality of Bungo works made in the Shinto period. An immediate response from many "sword experts" when Bungo works are mentioned is that they are not swords of great quality. Others feel that they are good swords. Perhaps a foundation of this difference of opinion is that if you look at the structure of Bungo Takada swords, you will see that they were made to satisfy practical rather than artistic needs. Indeed, at times they were sought out because of their cutting ability and sturdiness.


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