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Nihonto - Omi Mino Senjuin Shimosaka ...

Artikelnr.: 62403 - Yari

SHIMOSAKA (下坂), Tenshō (天正, 1573-1592), Ōmi – “Gōshū Shiga-gun Nishisakamoto Hachirōzaemon Nyūdō Shimosaka” (江州志賀郡西坂本八郎左衛門入道下坂), “Shimosaka Hachirōzaemon Nyūdō” (下坂八郎左衛門 入道), “Shimosaka” (下坂), “Shimosaka Hachirō-zaemon saku” (下坂八郎左衛門作), according to tradition the son or student of the Akasaka-Senju’in smith Hironaga (広長), he lived in Shimosaka (下坂) in Ōmi´s Nishisakamoto (西坂本) and adopted this place name as his family name, that means his real name was Shimosaka Hachirōzaemon (下坂八郎左衛), he is considered as founder of the Shimosaka lineage and is listed as father, uncle, or older brother of the 1st gen. Yasutsugu (康継), other traditions say that he signed with Yasutsuna (康綱) himself, from Ōmi, the Shimosaka smiths spread all over the country, for example to Aizu, Echizen, Hida, Tōtomi, Ise, Yamashiro, Kii, Tanba, Aki, Sanuki, Awa, Iyo, Chikuzen, Chikugo, Hizen, and Satsuma


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