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Nihonto -antike WAKIZASHI - 脇差 - Suruga ...

Artikelnr.: 39432 - Wakizashi

SUKEMUNE (助宗), 1st gen., Tenbun (天文, 1532-1555), Suruga
“Sunshū Shimada-jūnin Sukemune saku” (駿州嶋田住人助宗作),
“Sunshū Shimada-jūnin Sukemune tsukuru” (駿州島田住人助宗造),
“Sukemune” (助宗), “Shimada-jū Sukemune saku” (島田住助宗作),
real name Gojō Kyūzaemon (五条久左衛門), we know blades from Tenbun to Eiroku (永禄, 1558-1570), as he is the earliest Sukemune from whom blades are extant, he is mostly counted as actual 1st gen. of the lineage, even if there supposedly had been smith with that name active in Suruga before him, a theory says that he came like Shimada Ietoshi (家俊) originally from Bizen province but from the point of view of workmanship, hardly any connection can be drawn to the Bizen tradition, rather to the Mihara or Sue-Seki school, there are katana and tantō extant, the latter are rather small and of excellent
quality, both kind of blades show occasionally horimono, the hamon is a suguha, gunome-midare or hitatsura, the tangs tend to a funagata,
wazamono, chūjō-saku


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