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Nihonto -antike WAKIZASHI - 脇差 - Chikugo ...

Artikelnr.: 53723 - Wakizashi


YOSHIKUNI (吉国), 1st gen., Genna (元和, 1615-1624), Chikugo – “Chikushū Onizuka Yoshikuni” (筑州鬼塚 吉国), “Onizuka Yoshikuni” (鬼塚吉国), “Chikushū Yanagawa-jū Onizuka Yoshiuki” (筑州柳川住鬼塚吉国), he came originally from Tanagura (棚倉) in Mutsu province, he followed according to tradition Tachibana Muneshige (立花宗茂, 1567-1643), the daimyō of the Tanagura fief, to Yanagawa in Awa province when Muneshige was transferred there in the sixth year of Genna (1620), there exists a blade with the date signature of the second month Kei´an three (慶安, 1650) and the information “made at the age of 77,” this calculates Tenshō two (天正, 1574) as his year of birth, later smiths of this school revived the name “Onizuka Yoshikuni” towards the end of the Edo period because the blades of this lineage enjoyed a great reputation as being very sharp and durable, in general the workmanship of the Onizuka school resembles that of Hizen Tadayoshi (忠吉) but can not compete in terms of artistic approach and aesthetics, the sugata is stout, has a shallow sori, and a thick kasane, the jigane looks hard and the the jihada is a ko-itame mixed with masame, the hamon is like ay Hizen Tadayoshi a chū-suguha but has lesser and not so uniformly appearing nie, mostly also some knot-shaped midare elements can be seen along the monouchi, wazamono, jō-saku



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