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Nihonto -antike WAKIZASHI - 脇差 - Hizen ...

Artikelnr.: 29947 - Wakizashi

TADAYOSHI (忠吉), 5th gen., Hōreki (宝暦, 1751-1764), Hizen – “Hizen no Kuni Tadahiro” (肥前国忠広), “Hizen no Kuni Tadayoshi” (肥前国忠吉), “Hizen no Kuni Ōmi no Kami Tadayoshi” (肥前国近江守忠吉), “Ōmi no Kami Tadayoshi” (近江守忠吉), real name Hashimoto Shinzaemon (橋本新左衛門), oldest son of the 4th gen. Tadayoshi, he was born in the ninth year of Genroku (元禄, 1696) and signed with Tadahiro (忠広) during his father was alive, after the death of the latter in the fourth year of Enkyō (延享, 1747) he took over the name Tadayoshi, he received the honorary title Ōmi no Kami on the 24th day of the sixth month Kan´en three (寛延, 1750), a tradition says that he received this title on the tenth day of the first month Kan´en three but it is possible that he had actually received the lower title Ōmi no Daijō on that earlier date, he died on the 15th day of the sixth month An´ei four (安永, 1775) at the age of 80, we know blades from the Hōreki to the Meiwa era (明和, 1764-1772), he signed in a similar manner as the 6th gen., only a little smaller and the horizontal strokes show a little more to the top right, jō-saku

TADAYOSHI 忠吉 - 29947
Ura: Omote:
無銘 肥前國忠吉
Unsigned Hizen no Kuni Tadayoshi
Swordsmith: Tadayoshi 
Also known as: Tadahiro
Real name: Hashimoto Shinzaemon
Generation: 5th
Title: Omi no Kami
School: Tadayoshi
Teacher: Tadayoshi
Region: Hizen
Born: 1696
Died: 1775
Father: Tadayoshi
Grandfather: Tadayoshi
Production date: 1751-1764 (宝暦 Horeki)
Sword Period: Shinto
Art Period: Edo
Nagasa: 47,1cm
Sori: 0,8cm
Weapon Type: Sword
Construction Type: Shinogi Zukuri
Quality Class Jo-saku
Hamon: Suguba
Kitae: Mokume
Kissaki: Chu-kissaki
Nakago: Ubu
Yasurime: Kiri
Authentication Papers: Yes, JHTKK
Shirasaya: Yes


Koshirae: No, custom order possible


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