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Nihonto -antike WAKIZASHI - 脇差 - Echizen ...

Artikelnr.: 13755 - Wakizashi



Echizen – “Echizen no Kuni Shimosaka” (越前国下坂), “Higo no Dajō Fujiwara Shimosaka” (肥後大掾藤原下坂), it is said that this was the early signature of the 1st gen. Yasutsugu (康継) but it seems that there were several Shimosaka smiths working at time in Echizen province, the assumptions that this was the early signature of Yasutsugu is further supported by the fact that both smiths received the honorary title Higo no Daijō during the Bunroku era (文禄, 1592-1596), as a result, it is assumed that this smith signed successively with “Echizen no Kuni Shimosaka", “Higo no Daijō Fujiwara Shimosaka,” and finally with “Higo no Daijō Fujiwara Echizen Yasutsugu,” Tokugawa Ieyasu granted him the character for "yasu"/"康"in this course whereupon he took the smith name Yasutsugu, he was also allowed to engrave the aoi crest of the Tokugawa onto his tangs, due to the connection to the Tokugawa family he worked alternatingly in Edo and in Echizen, a succession dispute after the death of the 2nd gen. Yasutsugu resulted in the final splitting of the school.


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