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Nihonto -antike WAKIZASHI - 脇差 - ...

Artikelnr.: 304915 - Wakizashi


PROBABLY GIMEI. SA (左), Ryakuō (暦応, 1338-1342), Chikuzen – “Sa” (左), “Chikushū-jū Sa” (筑州住左), “Sa – Chikushū-jū” (左・筑州住), real name Minamoto Saemon Saburō (源左衛門三郎), priest name Keigen (慶源), son of Jitsu´a (実阿), nicknames Ō-Sa (大左) and Samonji (左文字), he lived in Ikihama (隠岐浜) and is traditionally listed as one of the “Ten Students of Masamune” but this is denied by now, he was active between Kenmu (建武, 1334-1338) and Bunna (文和, 1352-1356), there is only one tachi extant by him, the meibutsu Kōsetsu-Samonji (紅雪左文字), but many tantō, the tachi has a wide shinogi-ji, an elongated kissaki, and a maru-mune, the tantō are mostly rather small and measure between 21 and 24 cm, they have a little sori and scarce fukura, there are also some tantō with uchizori or some in kanmuri-otoshi-zukuri extant, the jigane is a densely forged ko-itame with plenty of ji-nie and can also tend somewhat to masame, the jigane is bright and clear and shows yubashiri and/or chikei, the hamon of the tachi is a notare to ō-midare and of the tantō a slightly undulating notare mixed with midare, but also blades in ko-midare or suguha are found, at any case the hamon shows much nie and has a wide nioiguchi, sunagashi can appear in a prominent or in a more unobtrusive manner, sometimes a large yakikomi is found along the ha-machi, the bōshi tapers in a characteristic way which is called Samonji-bōshi, some blades also have a sugu-bōshi with a ko-maru-kaeri, at several works the signature is divided as “Sa” and “Chikushū-jū” on the two sides of the tang, with forging a prominent jigane and a bright jiba, Sa moved away from the traditional, quite classical Kyūshū style, saijō-saku


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