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Nihonto - antike TANTO und KAIKEN - 短刀 - ...

Artikelnr.: 32307 - Knife

MASAHIRO (正広), Tenbun (天文, 1532-1555), Musashi – “Bushū Shitahara-jū Masahiro” (武州下原住正広), Shitahara school, hiro-suguha

The NBTHK origami was issued by, Hosokawa Moritatsu (細川護立, 1883-1970), the chairman of NBTHK at the time and is signed with his seal. Moritatsu was also grandfather of the later Japanese prime minister Hosokawa Morihiro.

Hosokawa Moritatsu was born in Koishikawa,Tokyo. Ministry of the Imperial Household Bureaucrats.16th Head of Hosokawa clan. He had a deep knowledge in the art and he was start-up member of the Shirakaba (White Birch) coterie, published influential literary magazine.
In 1948, he founded The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords.
In 1951, he also founded Eisei Bunko. following year, he was installed as Director General of The Toyo Bunko.
Eisei Bunko Museum,
the museum that preserves so many of the famous and important art objects passed down in the Hosokawa family, was founded by Moritatsu and turned into a public museum by his son, titular Marquis Morisada (細川護貞, 1912-2005), Executive Secretary to the Prime Minister. His son Morihiro (細川護煕, 1938- ) was Prime Minister of Japan and is present-day board chairman of the Eisei Bunko Museum.

It is a very valuable knife with history that to Muramasa.
Muramasa made a unique nakago called tanago-bara and the Shitahara school of Musashi province also show this. A theory says that Muramasa passed it on to Shitahara smiths. Shitahara smiths presented their swords to the Kuwana Shrine so it is speculated that the both schools had a close relationship. This is probably the smith who had a deep relationship to Muramasa and the one who "inherited" the nakago and the character "Masa/正" to that school in the very start. The hamon is close to Muramasa as well.

Die Koshirae ist außergewöhnlich. Die Saya ist komplett mit Same umwickelt. Die Fittings sind hochwertig und stimmig.


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