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Nihonto - antike TANTO und KAIKEN - 短刀 - ...

Artikelnr.: 302583 - Knife

Supporting documents: https://goo.gl/YqcJGw
KANETOMO (兼友), Enbun (延文, 1356-1361), Mino – “Kanetomo” (兼友), first names Uemon no Jō (右衛門尉) and Uemonzaburō (右衛門三郎), son of the 1st gen. Kaneuji (兼氏), some traditions see him just as student of Kaneuji, he belonged to the Naoe-Shizu school and his priest name was Kei´a (敬阿), like his father (or master), he came originally from the Yamato-Tegai school and signed his name in early years with the characters (包友), he followed Kaneuji to Mino province and changed his writing there to (兼友), it is said that he was active between Jōwa (貞和, 1345-1350) and Eitoku (永徳, 1381-1384), we know wide hira-zukuri ko-wakizashi with a mitsu-mune in the typical Enbun-Jōji-sugata, the jigane is an itame mixed with masame and ji-nie, sometimes bō-utsuri appears, the hamon is a gunome-midare in ko-nie-deki which tends altogether to notare, the bōshi is a pointed midare-komi and has a long kaeri, we know shorter, about 27 cm measuring tantō from the Ōan era (応安, 1368-1375) that have a little sori and an iori-mune, the jigane of these blades is an itame-nagare with masame towards the ha, the hamon is also a gunome-midare in ko-nie-deki which tends to notare, the bōshi is ko-maru with hakikake, the yasurime are higaki, ō-wazamono, jōjō-saku


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