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Nihonto - antike KATANA und TACHI - 刀 - ...

Artikelnr.: 43212 - Katana

KANESADA (兼定), 5th gen., Kyōhō (享保, 1716-1736), Ōshū – “Ōshū Aizu-jū Kanesada” (奥州会津住兼定), first name Kazu’emon (数右衛門) which he changed later to Ōmi (近江), after his father’s death, he succeeded at a young age as head of the family and had thus also to learn from his father’s student, the 1st generation Suzuki Kanetomo (鈴木兼友), his official employment by the Aizu fief took place in Shōtoku three (正徳, 1713), he received a stipend for the support of seven persons, he died in the 20th year of Kyōhō (享保, 1735) and it seems that there are no blades extant by him


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