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Nihonto - antike KATANA und TACHI - 刀 - ...

Artikelnr.: 4241 - Katana

Probably Moritaka: MORITAKA (盛高), 1st gen., Shōhei (正平, 1346-1370), Chikuzen – “Kongōbyōe no Jō Minamoto Moritaka” (金剛兵衛尉源盛高), Kongōbyōe school, according to tradition the nephew of Sairen (西蓮), first name Saburō (三郎), some older sword documents list him as one of the “Ten Students of Masamune” but that can be ruled out on the basis of the differences in workmanship, the ancestor of the Moritaka lines is dated – depending on source – around Einin (永仁, 1293-1299) or Karyaku (嘉暦, 1326-1329) and is said to have been the son of Morikuni (盛国), the oldest extant date signature of this lineage is found on a tantō and is from the second month of the fourth year of Shōhei (1347), but as the mekugi-ana goes through the chiselling of the year, only a “four” can be seen, that means because of the length of the Shōhei era the date could also be the 14th or 24th year (1359 or 1369 respectively), this possible moving-forward of the date is another support for the dismissal of the master-student relationship with Masamune as it puts him even farther away from the active period of Masamune


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