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Nihonto - antike KATANA und TACHI - 刀 - ...

Artikelnr.: 278660 - Katana

The Bingo Mihara school is thought to have its roots in the pre-koto period, with earliest possible existing works today from the Showa period 1312-1317 (正和 Showa). These are not really seen today, but the founder is considered in a practical sense to be Mihara Masaie who has a working period around Enbun (1356). He is a swordsmith of great skill being ranked Jo-saku by Fujishiro and the Edo period cutting test masters rated him at O-wazamono for great cutting ability in his blades. Other notable smiths are Sukekuni of Ichimonji who moved to Mihara and Takamitsu, Kaneyasu, Chikatsugu, and Kaneshige. These smiths are generally collectively referred to as Ko-Mihara. Ko-Mihara were "Emperor-side" smiths - as opposed to "Government-side" or Samurai side.


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